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Update Your Cooling Power

Top Trends in HVAC Remodeling

Vancouver CoolingWhen facing a remodeling, many homeowners fail to consider the advances available to them by including their heating and air conditioning systems.


Air conditioning systems today are cleaner than systems of years past. Filters are designed to capture even the smallest particles. An HEPA filter is an option of many units and will also remove some allergens from the air. Cleaner air is healthier for you and your family and pets.

It also makes cleaning your home easier since most of the dust is captured at the air handler and doesn't settle on your furniture. You may want to consider a ductless system which delivers the conditioned air directly without having it to travel through vents where accumulated dirt and dust can be picked up by the air as it travels from the handler to your rooms.


Modern HVAC systems are highly efficient and replacing one in your remodeling plans can often save hundreds of dollars over the course of a year when compared to older systems. Newer technology in blower and compressor design allow newer models to condition the air using less electricity. Ground source heat pumps can be an option is some parts of the country. These systems use the nearly constant temperature of the ground to deliver conditioned air to heat or cool your home.

Dual Zone

One of the choices home renovators make is to have dual or multiple zone units installed. These installations are designed to eliminate hot or cool spots in your home. Dampener are installed that direct air into or away from rooms to keep a consistent temperature throughout your home. These systems often rely on several thermostats installed in various parts of your house.


Vancouver Cooling Trends

Some of the advantages of a dual zone system can be obtained by including a programmable system in your remodel. A thermostat is programmed to allow the house to heat up during the day while everyone is away at work or school. At a pre-determined time, the thermostat turns on the HVAC system to bring the house to a comfortable or desired temperature when people start coming home.

Many of these units can be programmed for several changes throughout the day, so it cools off at night, heats the house up a little for breakfast and then goes off during the day, only to repeat the cycle the next day. Alternative programs can be run for weekends.


Modern HVAC units are also going green. New refrigerants do a better job of keeping the environment safe, do a better job of conditioning the air and are easier on the compressor. Some units can be installed that are ground source heat pumps that use the nearly constant ground temperature to help keep you comfortable year-round.

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