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Top 7 Heat Pump User Tips

A heating pump is used to generate heat in the home. It's the more efficient and modern method of using heat. It greatly reduced your bill by about 50% or more. For those that already use a heating pump, good for you. For those who are considering getting one, I strongly urge you to do so.

For those are already using one, I have a few tips to create more efficient energy in your home.

1) If the electric-resistant heat comes on, don't set the thermostat back manually. This is the more expensive way to do it. It will also cause more damage to your system in the long run.

2) Install a thermostat that services multiple functions. If you don't know how to do it personally, have someone professionally come in and do it.

Heat Pump 3) Always keep the heating pump under proper maintenance. A good rule of thumb is to clean it once a month. If you use it much more, then clean accordingly.

4) If you heat with electricity, choose an energy-efficient heating pump. It will keep the levels down, as well as your bill.

5) You may want to also consider getting ductless heating pumps. They are much more user friendly. They cost a lot less. They are easier to manage.

6) If you are using an outside heating pump, keep it clean at all times. If you suspect a small buildup, clean it right away. Keeping it free from dirt, water, snow and debris will help to make it last longer. It will also run more efficiently.

7) Keep them operating at one temperature at all times. When you leave the house, don't turn it off. The constant on-off motion will cause more damage to your system in the long run. If you have centralized air, set it at 60 degrees at all times. This goes for during the day too. Your pipes will not freeze up as quickly.

Another helpful tip is to use insulated drapes. Keep them open on the sunny days. This will allow the natural heat and energy to flow through. On cloudy days, keep it everything closed. This will add more efficiency to the pump.

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