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Toilets Now & Then

The History of Toilets

Vancouver PlumberWhere did our flushing toilet come from? It started some 2800 years ago, when a water closet was found in Crete that was built for King Minos. This was the first flushing toilet. Later, upon looking in the tomb of a King from the Western Han Dynasty, a toilet was found. This was 206 BC to 24 AD. About this time in ancient Rome where they had a system of sewers they built simple outhouses or latrines over the running waters of the sewers that ran under the city. These sewers poured directly into the Tiber River.

In the Middle Ages, they were called Chamber pots because a special metal or a ceramic bowl was used and then the contents were tossed out, usually out of the window.

The First Flush Toilet

The Godson of Queen Elizabeth I invented the first flush toilet.

Sir John Harrington built the very first one. However, the first patent for the flushing toilet wasn’t issued until 1775 and was issued to Alexander Cummings.

But Thomas Crapper had the first patent for a U-bend siphoning system for flushing the pan in the late 19th century. He installed toilets for Queen Victoria.

Harrington’s invention was ridiculed, and he never built another one. He never invented anything else. He and his godmother both used theirs.

Finally, during the 1800’s people realized that their poor sanitary conditions lead to diseases. It became a priority to have toilets and sewer systems to control the human waste. This became a priority to medical experts, lawmakers, and inventors and to the general public.Vancouver Toilet Repair

It wasn’t until 1829 that a hotel began having indoor plumbing. The Tremont Hotel of Boston was the very first one to have indoor plumbing and eight water closets. Isaiah Rogers built these. However, until 1840, indoor plumbing could only be found in the homes owned by the rich people and the better hotels.

Toilet designs didn’t start changing until 1910. They changed from the elevated water tank into the modern toilet with a closed tank and bowl.

Foundations for the Modern Flush Toilet

Our modern toilet began with the installing of toilets with the patented S-trap, which laid the foundation. Joseph Bramah developed a float valve system for the flush tank, which was patented in 1778. It lead to the installation of plumbing and toilets, as we know them today.

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