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Reasons Why It's Good to Keep Your Bathroom Current

10 Reasons To Remodel Your Bathroom

According to one plumbing contractor's industry magazine article, more bathrooms are always better. That said,  below we'll cover the top ten reasons to add a bathroom, remodel the one that you already have or simply tear the whole thing down and build a new, state-of-the-art place to spend your daily average 30-minute experience.

 Vancouver, BC bathroom remodelingBesides one's comforts, some excellent reasons to do a bathroom renovating job are monetary, and others are aesthetic. Here they are, broken down for clarity:

  • Increases your house's value
  • The price is right
  • Low-interest rates
  • Energy-efficiency or "going green"
  • A new look
  • Safety first
  • Health and hygiene
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Structural integrity
  • Do it professionally

Monetary Reasons


1- Increases Your House's Value

While a bathroom remodeling/renovation project can be simply changing faucets or hinges on a cabinet door, a full-blown addition of a mid-range bathroom averages out at $39,578.

However, the real value of an addition is in what a Vancouver homeowner recoups at resale time.

When resell time does approach, a homeowner realistically can add another $10,000 or so to the selling price. Remember, however, that a renovation job is not the same as a complete bathroom remodeling job nor a full-blown addition. That being said, Canadian homeowners average out to 71 cents back for each dollar spent on a bathroom makeover.

2- The Price Is Right!

Plumbing contractors, builders and other craftsmen may be willing to lower their prices considerably as a roller coaster real estate and economic market make it more attractive for those wishing to buy in this particular environment. Materials and services are usually lower during these times of economic downturn, and that may play out to the seller's advantage.

On the other hand, if the local market isn't exactly favorable at the moment for selling, homeowners can at least sit it out until the conditions change more favorably. In the meantime, they can enjoy the makeover in pleasure.

3- Low-Interest Rates

Whether you're going to buy a home or sell it, low-interest rates provide a great way and opportunity to get a profit. Even contractors, such as electricians or plumbers, can facilitate customized loans through third-party lenders, or offer other financial arrangements in exchange for acquiring new customers.

Aesthetic Reasons


4- Energy Efficiency: "Going Green"

Technology advances. And so do the myriads of devices structured to improved overall energy efficiency. As such, your plumbing contractor is full of suggestions for the latest in bathroom makeovers.

Being that typically, bathrooms more than 10 years old are already lacking the latest in energy-saving technology, think of installing low-flow toilets, faucets and shower heads that add up in yearly water savings.

Every measure you take to "go green," especially in frequently offered rebates, tax incentives and discounts, equals an investment in your property and money in your pocket.

5- A New Look

Being that people today spend more time in their bathrooms than in any other room in the house, except the kitchen, it behooves homeowners to make this room as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

In times past, one tried to get in and out of the bathroom as fast as possible, and it was the last place a seller would take a buyer. However, today's environment has changed all of this.

After a few years go by, basic wear and tear gives this most used room in the house a drab, impoverished look. However, even a small renovation touch, such as installing a new vanity and fixtures, makes the bathroom give the entire Vancouver home a new feel.

Practical Reasons


6- Safety First

As reported in official police reports, the number one place in a house that sees fatalities is the bathroom. Falls from slippery bathtubs or shower stalls, getting your feet entangled in bath mats, slippery wet floors and a host of other snares cause more deaths annually than do automobile accidents. Included danger spots are loose floor tiles, warped floor tiles or an unsecured carpet.

Something as simple as adding slip-resistant flooring and curb-less showers do much to ensure one's safety in the bathroom. Adding safety bars in the tub or shower and widening doors also improve access and safety.

 Vancouver, BC bathroom remodeling 27- Health And Hygiene

Recent industry studies indicate that North Americans are 50 percent more germophobic than other ethnic groups. In other words, they see unfriendly germs and bacteria just about anywhere they go. That said, the bathroom becomes the number one culprit when thinking of a germ's breeding ground.

Furthermore, knowing that there is so much constant humidity coming from plumbing fixtures, and that loose tiles enable moisture buildup, homeowners look to new antibacterial surfaces and fixture designs to help combat the "bugs" that they believe are in the bathroom.

Actually, a certified plumbing professional is the best person to ask about the potential moisture buildup and remedies that can be implemented quickly and affordably.

8- Lifestyle Changes

Whether your kids move out on you, or your in-laws arrive for a permanent stay, bathroom remodeling may be in the air for you as a homeowner. Renovating or remodeling a bathroom is a prime time for either turning the extra bath area into an office, or into a more secured room for senior in-laws.

9- Structural Integrity

Excessive moisture, mold, improper ventilation or puddles of accumulated water, all lead to serious issues that your plumbing contractor can best determine and resolve. Neglecting these potential warning signs also affects the overall value of your home come selling time.

10- Do It Professionally

You probably won't need to do a makeover if you're only painting the bathroom walls or changing the color scheme with new accessories. However, if you're thinking of doing anything bigger, go professional. Chances are that you'll save time, money and not lose your peace of mind with a professional at the helm.

Yes, you'll be glad you called your local Lambert Plumbing and Heating Ltd contractor in Vancouver, BC. For quality, dependable service, more information or a free quote, call (604) 734-0890 now!