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Tips to Stay Cool On Hot Summer Nights

Stay Cool for Less with These Tips

Summertime means summer fun, but it also means higher cooling bills. Besides cookouts and vacations, warmer temperatures can mean uncomfortable homes and uncomfortably high cooling bills. 

Luckily, warmer temperatures don’t have to mean paying higher bills and dumping even more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. With some simple strategies, homeowners can lower their energy usage and, by default, their utility bills. Here are some tips from local air conditioning experts that can help homeowners meet their budget without sacrificing comfort. 

78 Degrees Fahrenheit is the Sweet Spot

Homeowners looking to save money on cooling bills can save up to 3% on their cooling bills for every degree above 72 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. That means the higher the temperature is set, the lower the cooling bill. Obviously, turning the AC off could save tons of money, but that isn’t an option in the summer heat. So, studies have shown that setting the thermostat at 78 degrees is the best compromise between energy usage and comfort during the summer. 

If 78 degrees is too high, one strategy to stay comfortable at this temperature is to use ceiling fans to create a cooling breeze. Ceiling fans use less energy than the AC, so homeowners can use them to make a warmer room feel more cool and comfortable, especially if the temperature is set to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If 78 degrees still sounds too high, try keeping this temperature stable in the evenings and dropping the thermostat before bedtime when energy prices drop due to lower demand. This will allow homeowners to maximize savings while still sleeping comfortably. 

Programmable and Smart Thermostats for Savings

thermostatThe simple truth is that one set temperature may not be the best way to maximize savings. Setting the thermostat at 78 degrees Fahrenheit is a great place to start for homeowners looking for a simple solution. However, two solutions can maximize savings that are just as easy as picking one temperature. 

Programmable and smart thermostats make it easy for homeowners to manipulate the home's temperature with simple apps and programs. These programs can be set or learned with AI to help homeowners raise the temperature in the house when no one is around and lower it to a more desirable temperature when people are home. With this strategy, homeowners can use less energy without sacrificing any comfort. 

Change Air Filter Before the Season Starts 

filter AC maintenance is an important step toward lowering both cooling and heating bills. When an AC and furnace are properly maintained, they provide service as efficiently as possible, largely due to changing the air filters. 

Air filters protect AC equipment from being overrun by dust that can build up inside. Changing the filter prevents low airflow from old filters clogged with dust and debris. When dust is allowed to pass through blowers and ductwork, it causes premature wear and tear and makes the perfect habitat for mould and bacteria. By changing the air filter at least every three months, homeowners can make their AC equipment last longer and run cheaper. 

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