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These Allergy Relief Filters Will Finally Get You to Stop Coughing & Sneezing

allergy Lambert Plumbing

allergy Lambert Plumbing

Allergy Relief Filters for Your Symptoms

Considering the global pandemic that is going on, it is not surprising that many are seeking relief from their allergy symptoms for more reasons than one. Not only is sneezing and coughing from allergy symptoms embarrassing to begin with, but now there is the added fear that people will assume you have the virus every time you sneeze because of allergies.

It can be frustrating to get dirty looks for your allergy symptoms when you follow all the social distancing rules. The following list of allergy relief filters offers a range of options for the best air quality solutions that you can get to help with your allergy symptoms.

HEPA Filters for Allergies

hepa filtersHEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter. These types of filters work by pushing the air in the room through a thin mesh or layers of mesh that captures small particles as it passes through.

The air will go through the filter and come out the other side clean, while small particles such as dust, pollen, and animal pollen that cause allergies are trapped inside the filter.

HEPA filters are the most common kind of air filter in modern air purifiers because they remove over 99% of particles from the air. They can be found in Honeywell air purifiers and Dyson air purifiers as well as in combination air purifiers such as the GermGuardian which uses HEPA air filters and UV light.

Charcoal Filters vs. Activated Carbon

charcoal filters

Activated carbon is just another word for the compound within charcoal filters. The way a charcoal filter works is a little different than a HEPA filter. The air passes through the activated charcoal and filters out some more particles, but more importantly, neutralizes odours.

Activated carbon is great for neutralizing allergens, bad smells, and capturing any particles that the HEPA filter did not. It is common for HEPA filters and charcoal filters to be used in the same air purifier together because they work better in combination. Because charcoal is so absorbent it can do a good job at sweeping up any particles in the air not caught by the HEPA filter.

What Is HEPA Eco Mode?

eco friendlySome of the new HEPA filter air purifiers come with an eco-mode setting that makes the energy consumption more optimized. This is great for the environment, and also will save you some money on your energy bill at the end of the month.

HEPA eco mode products work by detecting the air quality and automatically adjusting/cutting off the air purifier in accordance with the real-time air quality. This is ideal and helps you be more efficient because instead of running all the time the air purifier only turns on when you need it.

There are also timers that are installed on most of the new HEPA air purifiers that you can use to have the air purifier turn off automatically, like after you fall asleep.

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