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The Perks of Eco Shower-Head Installations

How to Lower Water Costs with an Eco-Friendly Showerhead

Everyone has the need to take showers. However, some people take longer showers than others. The longer the shower, the more expensive your water bill is going to be. Now, you can force yourself to keep your shower short, but how short becomes too short?

With eco-friendly showerheads, you can save on the cost of showering as well as the environment, while still getting to take a decent shower. However, there are even more benefits to eco showerheads. Below are the specific benefits of showerheads and what it will cost to get one installed within your bathroom plumbing system.

The Eco-Friendly Benefits

eco friendlyShowers are one of the bigger consumers of water in your home, which is why developing a plumbing upgrade is so essential. All eco showerheads aim at conserving water.

With many showerheads being able to use 40% less water while still getting a high pressure and completely covered feel from showering, it’s a win-win.

You get to save the environment while still enjoying your shower to the fullest. The less water you use also lowers your water bill, but less water consumption also surprisingly lowers your energy bill and your carbon emissions.

It takes energy to heat the water and most people’s energy is produced by methods with carbon emissions. So, an eco showerhead provides many more benefits than just easing your water bill.

Plumbing Set-Up

So, now that you know the amazing benefits of an eco shower head, you might want to get one. While some people install their showerheads themselves, it’s a good idea to call a plumber to help you out with the installation. Maybe you’ve noticed that your showerheads break faster than you think they should. Or maybe your showerhead doesn’t work quite right.

bathroom plumbing

While this is the age of DIY, there are some things that are still best left to professionals. Plumbers know how your water pipes work and can tell when maybe a pipe needs to be replaced. This know-how, along with their vast expertise in dealing with water line related problems, means that they will either make sure your showerhead is accurately attached or will point out to you why it can’t be. For these very reasons plumbing services were created, to make sure you get the best possible set up for your water needs.

The Cost of Being Eco Friendly

eco savingsIt is true that the average eco-friendly showerhead costs more than the run-of-the-mill showerhead you could get from your average home appliances store.

However, while the initial cost of the eco showerhead is more than a regular showerhead, what you’ll be saving on the backend will quickly make up for the extra cost and eventually start earning you money.

With up to 40% less water being used, your water and energy bills will go down drastically right away and for years to come. Also, even though it’s a little more expensive, going the extra distance for mother earth is definitely worth it.

Trust a Local Plumbing Professional

The staff at Lambert Plumbing & Heating, LTD are industry experts that have been assisting others with plumbing and HVAC needs for four decades. If you live in Vancouver, Canada, and need help with your water pipes, HVAC unit, or drains, Lambert Plumbing & Heating, LTD will be happy to assist you.