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Reasons to Be Thankful for Working Garbage Disposals

Ensure a Smooth Holiday With a Working Garbage Disposal

If there’s one kitchen appliance that can help make the holidays run smoothly, it’s the garbage disposal. These helpful appliances are great for preventing drain clogs, making food disposal easier, and generally making things run smoothly in the kitchen. But there are certain things homeowners should keep in mind in order to make full use out of the disposal and plenty of reasons to give thanks for these appliances. 


Preventing Clogged Drains

Those sinks that have a disposal hooked up to the kitchen plumbing have a distinct advantage over those that do not. Those without disposals need to worry about what ends up going down the drain, as larger food items can gather there and clog the drain. But sinks with disposals don’t need to worry as much because most food items can go down into the disposal. 

A garbage disposal works to break down food with a shredder ring located around the edges of the inside of the disposal. In the middle, there are impellers and discs. When the disposal is turned on, the impellers and discs spin, forcing the large food items into the shredder ring, breaking those items into smaller ones that can safely be flushed down the drain with cold water. The design is fairly simple and hasn’t changed too much over the years. These appliances are good at what they do- preventing clogs and providing convenience. 

Proper Maintenance of a Garbage Disposalgarbage disposal

Like any other appliance, disposals need proper maintenance and care to keep running for years to come. In addition to maintenance, it’s also important to keep in mind items that shouldn’t go down the disposal. These food items include coffee grounds, fibrous foods, grease, and fat. All these items can get stuck in the drain and eventually cause a clog. 

As far as maintenance goes, it’s good to clear any stuck debris out of the disposal’s components. To do this, homeowners should put ice cubes and rock salt into the disposal and run it with cold water until the ice and salt clear out. These will naturally clear out any stuck food items, which is essential for maintenance. Do this at least once a month for best results. 

Signs It’s Time for Garbage Disposal Repair

There are a few signs that mean it’s time for garbage disposal services. The most common involves strange noises emanating from the disposal when it is in use. It’s best to safely make sure there’s nothing stuck in the disposal. If there is nothing there, it’s time to call a plumber. Another sign involves a leak coming out of the disposal under the sink. A leaking disposal is a good sign that it’s time to call a friendly local plumber for garbage disposal services. 

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