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It's the Perfect Time for Water Heater Maintenance

Schedule Water Heater Maintenance Today to Avoid Getting Stuck Without Hot Water!

People use hot water for just about everything. In fact, it’s so ubiquitous with modern life, that many homeowners take it for granted. Washing the hands - hot water. Washing the dishes - hot water. Taking a shower - hot water. And behind the scenes is the water heater, constantly keeping water hot.

And like any other home appliance, water heaters can’t operate without a little attention now and then. So read on to learn why now is the perfect time for water heater maintenance. 

What’s So Important About Maintenance?plumber

Although water heaters are fairly simple appliances, they are certainly workhorses. They heat cold water that comes into the house from the main water line and then sends that water through the house when a hot water faucet is opened. Sounds pretty simple. But really, there’s more going on that meets the eye. And this is why water heater maintenance is so important. 

From the temperature-pressure relief valve to the anode rod, there are many components that need regular care. Getting maintenance done once a year is adequate, but twice a year will ensure that everything continues to work smoothly. Regular maintenance will help the water heater have a long and productive life and ensure that it operates efficiently, saving homeowners money on their energy bills. 

What’s Included in Water Heater Maintenance?

A professional plumbing company will do a number of things during the course of water heater maintenance. The plumber will flush the system, which is important for clearing the buildup of minerals inside the water heater tank. They will also check the anode rod, which is essential for protecting the inside of the tank. They’ll suggest replacing the rod if it is worn down. 

A plumber will also check the temperature-pressure relief valve, whose proper function ensures that the pressure is relieved in the tank if it builds above acceptable levels. The plumber will also ensure that the heating element or burner is in good shape, so the flow of hot water doesn’t stop. 

Signs to Look for That the Water Heater Is on the Fritzwater heater

Between maintenance visits, it’s important for homeowners to look out for signs that their water heater is on the fritz. Problems are much more likely when maintenance has been skipped, but it’s still good to know the signs. 

One of the big signs that the water heater isn’t working correctly is a lack of hot water. When the hot water faucet is fully open, but all that comes out is cold water, there’s something wrong with the water heater. Discoloured hot water is another sign to look out for, as well as hot water that smells bad. It’s also important to keep an ear out for strange sounds coming from the water heater, such as screeches, banging, and hissing. 

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