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How To Know if a Home's Pipes Are Ready for Winter

The Best Ways To Prevent Burst Pipes in the Winter

Whether homeowners are ready or not, the winter months are nearly here. Living in an area with cold temperatures means homeowners must take extra steps and precautions to ensure that their home and family are prepared for the months ahead. The same can be said for the home’s piping system as well. As a society, we expect a lot from our plumbing system. It is an ever-flowing system that gets used multiple times each day with little need for maintenance.

However, in the winter, the pipes require a little extra care they wouldn’t normally need to ensure they don’t crack or burst before the spring hits. Continue reading below to learn more about how to prepare a home’s pipes for the winter months ahead. 

Here’s Why Burst Pipes Are Dangerous

When homeowners think of a burst pipe, the name might make them picture a tidal wave raging through the home. While it isn’t necessarily this intense, a burst pipe is still considered a dangerous event. No, the water most likely won’t threaten the life of anyone in the home, but it will definitely affect the life of the furniture and the overall structural integrity of the house. 

If a burst pipe is left untreated, it can lead to: 

  • Foundation leak: A foundation leak essentially means the foundation of the home shifts and allows water to flood underneath the home. This can lead to irreversible structural damage or time. 
  • Flooding in the home: Burst pipes are unpredictable. It can flood the home in a matter of minutes, or it could take weeks. That’s why it is always best to be aware of the signs so homeowners can catch the problem sooner. 

Why Homeowners Should Insulate Their Pipes


Insulating the piping system in a home isn’t talked about nearly as much as insulating the walls or ceiling, but it is equally important. This is especially true for those living in colder climates. There are seemingly no downsides to having the pipes insulated and a list full of benefits. 

Some of these benefits include: 

  • Water efficiency because it doesn’t take as long to heat up the water in the home
  • Longer lasting pipes
  • Cuts repair costs
  • Cuts costs on bills

Other Tips To Prevent Pipes From Bursting


Insulating pipes might help homeowners tremendously reduce their risk of burst pipes, but it isn’t the only way to prepare! 

Below is a list of other ways to prevent pipes from bursting in the winter: 

  • Always leave the faucet dripping water if it’s connected to an outside line
  • Seal cracks and leaks before winter hits!
  • Leave garage door closed as much as possible
  • Leave interior doors open at all times

Of course, for any homeowners with questions or those already dealing with pipe damage caused by freezing temperatures, a professional plumbing company can always help. 

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