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How To Conserve Water the Easy Way

Spend Less on Water and More on Experiences

Water bills can vary in price depending on location, but the consensus is that everyone wants to lower them. Homeowners can make plumbing upgrades inside their homes and create water-saving habits to take back control over their water expenses.

Opt for Water-Saving Fixturesshower

Showers and sinks are some of the most used fixtures in the home, and it’s no wonder why, as they’re used for everything from showering to washing dishes. With these fixtures being so vastly used, it’s a no-brainer to want to start the money-saving journey by ensuring these fixtures are as efficient as possible. Low-flow showerheads and sink faucets are a great option because they allow less water through the device, saving many gallons of water from being wasted. 

Toilets are another widely used plumbing fixture in the home, as a homeowner can flush anywhere from twice to eight times in one day. Spending a little cash to swap out an old toilet for a water-saving one can save hundreds of dollars yearly because different toilets empty different amounts of water per flush. 

For instance, homes built before 1994 most likely have toilets that use 3.5 gallons of water per flush, while toilets in homes built later only use about 1.6. The newest toilets on the market can minimize the gallons to 1.28. Switching toilets to newer models can save homeowners hundreds of dollars on water bills, especially if the old toilet was installed before 1994!


Be Strategic with the Grass

Every homeowner dreams of their perfect home surrounded by a lush, vibrant yard, but watering the grass daily can create undesirable water usage spikes. Changing the time of day the lawn is watered has been shown to help cut down on that water usage. This is because it is hotter later in the day, which causes the water sprayed from sprinklers to evaporate before reaching the grass's roots. Watering in the early morning allows more water to soak into the soil and reach the roots before fading. Opting for early morning watering saves money and creates healthier lawns because of optimal water consumption!

Overseeing the weather can also help save homeowners money on their water bills! By monitoring when it will rain, homeowners can halt watering their yard for the day and allow nature to do it for free. Cutting back from daily watering to every other day during the wetter months can also provide savings because lawns need less attention when the weather has more precipitation.  

Extra Tricks

Some additional ways to save money on the water bill are simple water conservation habits that limit tap usage. These easy ways to conserve water may not seem like they save a lot, but they add up. 

Homeowners can save at least ten dollars a month by turning off the tap while brushing teeth, shaving, and washing the dishes. Another way people conserve water is by taking shorter showers or turning off the shower while shampooing and conditioning. Simple adjustments like these can help save homeowners money but won’t inconvenience them.

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