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3 Easy Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Three Ways to Beat the Heat!

While Vancouver isn’t known for its balmy summer temperatures, it isn’t uncommon to have a heatwave during the summer that sends people looking for ways to beat the heat. When it comes to options to cool off during the summer, Vancouver citizens have plenty of choices. Firing up the air conditioner seems like the easiest choice, but it could also be one of the most expensive unless the air conditioner has been properly maintained. Fortunately for locals, local AC maintenance professionals are here to offer advice about how to beat the heat without burning money.

Keep Doors Closed

hand turning door knob and opening doorOnce the air inside a home or business is cooled, the cool air must stay inside. When air conditioning installers design an air conditioner, they consider things like insulation and types of windows and doors. One of the easiest ways to keep a home cool in the summer is to keep doors and windows closed when temperatures rise above the level of comfort.

Leaving doors open during the summer allows warm air to blow in and displace conditioned air. The costs of this are twofold. First, the warmer air will have to be cycled through the air conditioner to be cooled back off. Secondly, warm air carries more humidity that can leave the air feeling warmer and clammy even after being cycled by the air conditioner.

Use Fans

Ceiling FanA common misunderstanding about fans is that they lower the temperature of a room. This is false, but a simple understanding of the science can illuminate why a fan has its reputation. When water evaporates, it pulls in heat from the surrounding environment. This is why trees naturally feel cooler. Constant evaporation from the leaves of the tree creates a microenvironment that feels cooler than the surrounding air.

Fans take advantage of the same process. Air that is moving can hold more moisture than air that is sitting still. When air from a fan rushes past skin that is moist from sweat, that moisture absorbs heat from the body and has a net cooling effect on the body. This is why it feels so good to stand under a moving fan after a workout or time spent in the sun. There is no difference in temperature, only a difference in comfort.

Invest in AC Maintenance

Running the air conditioner is one of the more expensive options on this list. However, it is only expensive if regular air conditioner maintenance hasn’t been performed. AC equipment needs routine maintenance to keep it performing at peak condition. When AC maintenance is performed, it can ensure that the machine will run efficiently and effectively.

Professional AC maintenance contractors recommend maintenance twice per year. This allows professionals to keep an eye on both the heating and the cooling equipment and ensure both are running well. With routine AC maintenance, owners can rest assured that running the air conditioner in the summer won’t break the bank and that a home’s occupants will stay comfortable.

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