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Plumbing Tips for Pet Owners

Pet Owners: 3 Plumbing Tips to Keep Cat and Dog Hair Out of Drains and Pipes

Dogs and cats bring much joy and excitement to the lives of their families, but they can also be the source of a variety of plumbing problems in their Vancouver home. In most cases, they are responsible for shedding lots of hair down drains and pipes, which can lead to clogs both big and small. When this happens, in many cases a plumber may need to be called in order to fix whatever problem Fido or Fluffy created. If you want to keep your drains and pipes free of your pet's shedding hair, you can follow some of the tips below.

Vancouver, BC Drain Cleaning ServicesCover Your Drains and Pipes

In many older homes, there are still numerous pipes and drains that have been left uncovered for one reason or another. While in some cases this will present no problems, in homes where dogs or cats are living it can be an entirely different story. Uncovered pipes are prime candidates to be chewed on by dogs, and uncovered drains are almost irresistible for kitties to crawl into and explore. Unfortunately, both of these situations can result in lots of pet hair winding up in pipes and drains, resulting in clogs that will need to be cleared. But by covering exposed pipes and having drain covers installed by a plumber, these problems can be avoided.

Pet-Friendly Drain Strainers

If giving your dog or cat a bath is on the agenda, it's also a good idea to have a pet-friendly drain strainer nearby. Otherwise, plenty of the dog or cat hair will find its way down the drain and into the pipes, where it's bound to form clogs that will require a plumber to help get rid of as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that can come with a large repair bill as well. To avoid this, use a pet-friendly drain strainer to catch most if not all of the pet's hair during a bath.

Fido's Water Bowl

If you are guilty of letting your dog drink from the toilet, chances are you're also in the process of clogging up your pipes. That's because each and every time you let your dog drink from the toilet, it sheds lots of hair into the bowl. The hair then gets flushed into the pipes, where it will eventually clog the pipes in your Vancouver home. If you don't want this to happen, keep Fido away from the toilet and let him drink only from his water bowl.

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