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Drain Clog Prevention

Drain CleaningWhy Does a Drain Clog? 

There are various reasons why drains clog. Some of the most common are objects getting stuck in a drain and blocking access to drain. Many times objects will accidentally fall into a sink limiting the flow of water to drain. The water may start to back up causing an overflow on a sink. Bathroom sinks and showers, sometimes get clogged with hair creating a nest like piece that will clog a drain. In kitchen sinks the problem of utensils and food particles usually are common clogging issues. Grease build-up is another common problem. Blocked drain holes usually get buildup of all sorts of particles also the cause of clogging issues. Any type of debris flowing through a drain can cause build-up in time. When this occurs, the best decision to make is to call for professional Drain Cleaning services.

How Can I Keep This From Happening?
To keep these problems from happening there are several simple solution to the problem. Using a filter can help capture debris from flowing down a sink. As the filter capture the debris you can throw it away, rinse and reuse. These filters are not expensive, and can be purchased at most hardware stores. Don't expose cooking grease in your kitchen sink, rather use a can or other container to drain grease. Running hot water for a few minutes can solve the problem of grease build-up in kitchen sinks, if you already have the problem. No need to run it for a long time, a minute or two is enough time. Expose of coffee grounds in the trash, not down the drain.

Baking soda is another inexpensive solution, a handful down the drain followed by hot running water works wonders. The same goes for using a cup of vinegar. Pour a cup down the drain letting it sit for a few minutes followed by running hot water. The acids in vinegar are excellent for dissolving build-up. For more stubborn clogs, using chemical drain cleaners may be the answer to solving repetitive clogging. Using it regularly may prevent clogging from occurring frequently, because these chemicals contain powerful ingredients to eliminate clogging. Advice from a hardware store is recommended, anytime you decide to use chemicals that you are not sure about. Regular maintenance always helps eliminate any clogging issues building up in water pipes and drains.

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