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What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?

HydrojettingHydrojetting is a professional drain cleaning service offered by professionals that is used to clear out the interior of a pipe and free it of clogging from grease, roots, and other debris. It is a method that is used as an alternative to snaking or rooter services and video equipment is often used to locate the source of the clog. The drain is then cleared using high pressured streams of water of about 18-20 gallons of water through nozzles at approximately 4000 psi, effectively blasting out and restoring pipes and drains to full flow capacity better than more traditional rooter methods. The hoses used with the nozzles for hydro jetting are generally around 250 to 600 feet.

Hydrojetting Grease

Grease and food build up in restaurant drains are common problems, so hydro jetting is highly recommended on a routine basis for businesses such as restaurants, in order to keep them in compliance with sanitation and health ordinances. Gease and food can build up in home kitchen lines as well, yet liquid drain cleaners may not work against these issues. A traditional snake will not completely free up the line, but merely punch a hole in the clog and allow it to build up again over time.

Hydrojetting Roots

Trees growing near your home can invade your plumbing system with the roots growing into your sewage line, and hydro jetting is the most cost effective and safest way to deal with the issue. These roots can destroy the lining of your pipes and cause leaks that will rack up repair charges if not maintained and dealt with. Hydrojetting is recommended in the event that the lining of these pipes has been compromised, prior to replacement of the damaged area.

Hydrojetting Debris 

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Hydrojetting services are recommended for handling many other types of debris as well. Soap, hair, silt, sand, dirt, and the standard grime are common elements that build up and just accumulate over time. Hydro jetting is a perfect solution that should be considered smart routine maintenance for the conscious home or business owner who would like to save money on costly repairs or pipe replacements in the future by either by inquiring about hydrojetting services.

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