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Let's Talk Toilets

The Latest Toilet Technologies
Toilets have been around for ages and most of us here in the United States have the traditional toilet bowl design. However, new technology has made the toilet more energy efficient and convenient for use.

Vacouver, BC toilet-technologiesThis technology is important for sanitation and more practical energy use, not only for first-world countries, but also countries like India where 72,000 tons of human waste are produced each day. Below are several ways that technology is changing toilets.

Solar-Powered Toilets

When you use this toilet, the waste will go into a holding tank where the bacterial digestion process will take place. Afterwards, the solar panels will work to turn the waste into hydrogen gas. This hydrogen gas can be used as fuel cells when solar power is not an option, or to save energy during the Vancouver winter months.

Hands-Free Toilets

A new toilet has emerged and it uses a hands-free system to do pretty much everything for you. Using water to clean from the front to the back eliminates the need for toilet paper and it has pressure, temperature, and directional control for the water.

Other features include deodorizers, heated seats, built-in music player, and the ability to automatically raise the seats. 34 million of these toilets have been sold worldwide and are most popular in Japan with increasing popularity in the Middle East and South America. In the United States, they have become more moderately priced so they are more accessible to homeowners.

Fertilizing Toilet

Separating urine from other wastes to create fertilizer is what this toilet does best. Feces are dried out and then burned while simultaneously evaporating the separated urine. The end result is fertilizer, water, and ash.

All of these items can be used for agriculture. The only drawback, that some may consider a benefit, is that the fertilization process is manual. This means you will have to burn everything by hand with no automation. However, this is great if you are wanting to save energy.

As years progress, this new technology is becoming more of a necessity and less of a luxury. If being less wasteful and more efficient is a priority, these toilets are on the right path to do just that.

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