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Keep Your Toes Warm Year-Round With Radiant Heating

How Does Radiant Heating Differ from Other Systems? What are the Benefits of Radiant Heating?

Though invented by the ancient Romans thousands of years ago, radiant heating has managed to stick around and be one of the most effective heating systems in use today. Considered to be a very natural way to heat buildings, it was originally used to heat villas and public baths. While it's not being used for those purposes today, it has found its way into many modern homes and businesses and has been shown to offer numerous advantages. If you're thinking about replacing your current heating system with radiant heating, here are some things you'll want to know.

Vancouver, BC Radiant Heating ServicesWhat is Radiant Heating?

While a very natural way to heat, radiant heat is an under-the-floor system that uses hot water or electricity to heat up on demand and spread warmth from room to room. By installing panels underneath the floor, the heat can be spread quickly and warm up everything around it, such as walls and furniture.

Where Can Radiant Heating Be Used?

The good news about radiant heating is that it can be used in a wide variety of settings. Whether it's a modern home, older home, warehouse, or other building, radiant heat is often viewed as a perfect way to keep everyone and everything warm. No matter what type of flooring is involved, it can be a very effective system. Hardwood, tile, concrete, and even carpeted surfaces use radiant heating very well.

Energy Efficiency of Radiant Heat

When it comes to their heating systems, most people are naturally concerned about their cost from month to month. That's one of the best things about radiant heating, which when installed in homes has produced as much as a 40 percent savings for homeowners on their monthly heating bills.

Quiet and Consistent

Another benefit of radiant heating is its quiet efficiency. Unlike forced-air systems that are often very noisy, radiant heat is virtually noise-free. By not using vents, registers, or radiators, the heat is distributed evenly and with little or no noise. Since the heat travels upward from the floor, the entire room is heated much quicker, with no cold spots anywhere in the home.

Warm Feet

Of course, the best benefit of radiant heating is having warm, comfortable feet no matter what time of the day or night. So whether you're walking around in your stocking feet in the daytime or at night, you can be rest assured you'll have warm feet.

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