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Is Your Furnace Acting Up?

Furnace Odor: Why is Your Furnace Emitting a Burning Smell?

Entering the season when a furnace is necessary is not the time to discover problems. Turning a furnace on and discovering it has a burning smell or some other unusual odor is disturbing. If you are wondering why is your furnace emitting a burning smell? Here are a few reasons for furnace odor in your Vancouver home.

Vancouver furnace-repair-servicesPotential Problems:

A furnace with a burning odor at the start of the year could mean it needs to be checked. Smelling a strong scent can mean many things. The possibility of a broken electrical wire, dirty air filter, or clogged chimney exists. If it is dust; the odor may disappear after a few moments. However, anything that might cause a burning smell is alarming and troublesome. A furnace should be cleared of dust before being placed into operation. If not, a burning smell can occur from dust blocking proper combustion. A furnace laden with dust and debris might also start a fire.

Occasionally, the strangest things get into the heating system. One very familiar object may be a child’s toy. These hidden treasures may heat when the furnace is in operation.
Oil furnaces also have a filter. This should be changed as well. A unit with a clog emits an unpleasant odor. Maintenance can solve the problem.

Professional Cleaning:

A professional cleaning once a year might remedy the problem. Therefore you worry, the more you are alarm to turn your furnace on, the least likely you are to use it at all. With that being said you call a professional, to seek what damages it may be.

Change Filters:

A furnace use filters. Dust filters need to be changed. Some furnaces use humidifiers. Mold may build up and this requires cleaning. If not, a musty odor may filter into your home, causing a less than pleasant environment. Yearly maintenance will help relieve many of the above problems.

Project home, family and friends by making proper furnace repairs. Looking around for clues might prove dangerous. The furnace is a device that can harm or cause death. It is best to call a local Vancouver professional to solve the problem. So, call the furnace repair person and sit back and enjoy the heat.

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