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The Story of How Professional Plumbing Became an Art


There is something about art that calls to us as human beings. We were created to see and experience and make art. While some may make art by singing or playing music, others may do it by painting on canvas or sketching with charcoal. Still, others may create art in a kitchen, and others in a bathroom.

Now I know what you must be thinking- "what kind of art is being made in a bathroom?" I am, of course, referring to the art of professional plumbing!

I know it seems strange to compare plumbing to art, but why is that? It may not fit our conventional understanding of what art is, but if we alter our perception just a bit, we will discover a world of art in plumbing services.

It Was Never Not-Art

“alwaysart”The word "art" itself is said to trace its origin to the word "artifice" which roughly means something that is not occurring in nature. While plumbing has been around, in primitive forms, since as early as 3,000 to 4,000 BC, it has never been a naturally occurring phenomenon.

For this reason, by the very definition of the word, plumbing is automatically art. Another definition of the word “art” refers to a particular skill set that requires a knowledge of a process.

This definition can easily be applied to the plumbing professionals who have become experts in the process by which to unclog a drain, install a pipe, and repair a broken water line.

How Modern Plumbing Makes Art Around The World

“modernplumbing”All around the world today you can find examples of how modern plumbing is being incorporated into art installations and shows, like the famous Dancing Fountains at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

The Crown Fountain in Chicago's Millennium Park is a perfect example of modern plumbing being used as an art installation.

The Crown Family, who commissioned the park's now famous water feature, understood the importance of the artistry the plumbing for the project would require. They did their own independent research on fountain technologies and hired an artist (Jaume Plensa) who also knew and appreciated the history and art of fountains.

What Kinds of Suburban Uses Does Plumbing Art Have?

“communityplumbing”The art of modern plumbing can be seen in its many suburban uses on any given day. In fact, you interact with plumbing art every day of your life, but you just may not have ever thought of it that way.

The next time you drink from a public drinking fountain or visit a water park in the summer, or even flush your toilet, remember the skill and knowledge it took to make all those things happen!

Just because something may not fit our conventional idea of what constitutes "art," doesn't mean it isn't someone's best work. So challenge yourself today to change the way you view seemingly mundane things in your life, like plumbing. Share this article with your friends on social media, and in life, to encourage everyone around you to change their perspective as well and live a more artful life!