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Heat Up Your Home With a Heat Pump

3 Reasons to Choose a Heat Pump to Warm Up Your Home

There are many reasons why a heat pump can be a smart choice to heat your home. Heat pumps have many advantages over furnace heating systems. They can also save a homeowner a significant sum of money in heating costs.

Vancouver Heat Pump ServicesA Heat Pump is a Very Efficient Heating System

Heat pumps are highly efficient in using electricity or natural gas to generate heat. They can be up to 60% more efficient in generating heat than electrical or gas powered furnace heating systems. The greater efficiency can save a person hundreds of dollars a year in heating costs on their utility bill.

An open air electric heat pump can create double the amount of heat energy from the energy it receives. Open air heat pumps function by moving warm air from the outdoors, then heating it up if needed and then dispersing it throughout the entire home.
Geothermal heat pumps bring warm air from the ground or water and into the home. They are even more efficient than open air heating systems. Geothermal heat pumps can multiply the amount of energy it creates by almost sixfold during cold nights.

If a person uses natural gas, propane or fuel oil to heat their homes it may be a good idea to convert to using an electric or geothermal heat pump to warm the home. This is because electricity can cost significantly less than other fuel sources. Combined with greater efficiency, a heat pump can save a person significant amounts of money.

Heat Pumps Produce Cleaner and Healthier Air

Electric powered heat pumps do not dry out the air like gas powered furnaces do. With an electric heat pump there will not be need to add moisture back in the air with a humidifier. Additionally heat pumps constantly bring fresh air from the outside and into the home, instead of just recirculating the same air over and over like gas furnaces do. The result is cleaner, less dry and healthier air in the entire household.

Heat Pumps Provide You With Even Heating Throughout Your Home

Furnace heating systems are notorious for having uneven heating in the home that can often result in cold spots in the home. Heat pumps on the other hand, provide you with even heating throughout the entire home. This is because heat pumps move air as well as heat it, leaving you with an evenly heated home and eliminating any cold spots.

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