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Free & Clear with Hydrojetting

Hydrojetting 101

Vancouver PlumbingThe Hydrojetting Process

If a home's plumbing system is repeatedly plagues by clogs and blockages, hydrojetting can get pipes and sewer lines clean. This process involves blasting water through the system at pressures of up to 4,000 psi. These high pressures create a force that's strong enough to knock obstructions free and carry them out of the system.

Equipment that's necessary for the hydrojetting process includes a hose, nozzle, and water blaster. Sometimes, a mechanical drain snake is also necessary to tear free tree roots if they are causing blockage in sewer lines.

Advantages of Hydrojetting

  • Cost-effectiveness- Hydrojetting improves cost-effectiveness of plumbing system maintenance because it prevents future clogs and improves the overall condition of the plumbing system.
  • Variety of materials- Many different materials can cause plumbing system blockages. Whether blockages are made up of soap, grease, mud, ice, or a combination of many different materials, hydrojetting can effectively blast them away to restore proper functioning of pipes and sewer lines.
  • Complete clean- When it comes to thoroughly and completely cleaning out a plumbing system, there is no more effective method than through hydrojetting. Hydrojetting ensures that blockages are knocked free, and clogs are unlikely to form anytime soon after the technique is performed.
  • Bacteria- Materials such as grease, soap, and mud are not the only things that can build up in a plumbing system and cause problems. Bacteria also can detract from the proper functioning of pipes and sewer lines. Fortunately, hydrojetting is effective at cleaning out this substance as well. Getting rid of bacteria in a plumbing system can make a home healthier and less likely to suffer from unpleasant circumstances like foul odors coming from drains and other plumbing fixtures.Vancouver Hydrojetting
  • Maneuverable technique- Using hydrojetting, plumbers can get at hard-to-reach areas in pipes and sewer lines and free them of blockages.

How the Process Works

The process will typically begin with an inspection. Plumbers will do an inspection of the plumbing system before performing the hydrojetting process to check to see what is causing the problem and where any problematic clogs are located.

A hose and nozzle will then be hooked up to a cleanout in the plumbing system to blast blockages away. When hydrojetting is finished, pipes and sewer lines in the plumbing system will be free of debris and will allow liquid to flow through the system freely.

If you suspect a build-up in your lines, don't hesitate to schedule hydrojetting services. Call 604-734-0890 and let Lambert Home Comfort clear the pipes of your Vancouver area home.