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Fitting Your Granite Counters with a New Sink

Did you know that remodeling your kitchen will not only increase your enjoyment while in your home, but it is one of the home renovation projects that gets you the biggest return on your investment? That said, you need to have the kitchen plumbing done correctly - and with style!

Granite counters are very popular and lend a contemporary look to your kitchen. They are also heat-resistant, which is a nice feature to have while you are cooking. Granite is a little different to handle than some other materials, which is why you need to be extra careful when installing a kitchen sink. Here are some pointers for you to have success.

Do Your Measurements Correctly

“rightmeasurement”If you only take away a single piece of advice let it be this: do your measurements accurately and then triple check them. If you are replacing your sink into existing granite, make sure that the hole cut out is the appropriate size for the sink of your choice.

If you are doing a full install, measure your cabinet height and depth. Some cabinets are custom, which will impact the depth of your basin. Measure backsplash, it will help to determine the placement of your sink in the counter, to accommodate your faucets and veggie sprayer.

Take Advantage of Professional Certification

“callaplumber”On top of freeing up your time to attend to other priorities, don't underestimate the value of bringing in a professional Vancouver, BC plumber.

Plumbers have specialized training and certification, which means high-quality, reliable work. They can also complete the job in a fraction of the time, and it will be done right the first time.

If you do choose to DIY, you run the risk of doing work without the proper certification, which can be problematic.

Tips to Pick Your Sink

“matchingsink”To start, how big is your kitchen? Don’t forget that a bigger sink means less counter space, so what are your priorities? Your sink is a major hub of your kitchen, so how will you intend to use it and where will you put it?

It's recommended that you use a "kitchen triangle" as your guide, which means you need to be a few steps from the sink to the stove to the fridge, in a triangle shape. Make sure that your style of sink matches your granite choice.

The most common choice is stainless steel because it matches the contemporary style and provides contrast. Do you prefer an undermount sink for a flush installation? Perhaps a deep farmhouse sink suits your style? If you cook a lot, a double basin might be best for washing dishes. The sky’s the limit when you do a kitchen remodel. Make sure to measure and ask for help as you need!