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Faucets and Fixtures of the Future: Conserving Water

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As the warmer months roll around, our water usage starts to rise as we mow our yards, water our gardens, and fill up the pool. The downside of this comes in the cost of our hard earned dollar being drained away in front of our eyes.

In conjunction with outdoor use, our water bill grows alongside the amount of dirty clothes in our washroom. According to popular statistics, over 20% of our overall daily water usage comes from our washing machine. Combine that with our increased outdoor activity and this percentage slowly starts to rise.

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One way we can help cut back on our consumption and cost is by switching to low flow faucets in the home. In laymen's terms, low flow faucets are a means of incorporating aerators into the water system.

These aerators, when installed properly, help reduce the amount of water that is output by various sources within the space. Although there's an extensive variety of aerators available on the market today, a device that reduces 1 gallon per minute can reduce your consumption by 50%.

Environmental Concerns

Not only will a customer enjoy the array of benefits of switching to a low flow faucet, but they'll also be working towards saving the environment. The United States Environment Protection Agency concluded that the average U.S. citizen consumes up to 300 gallons of water on a daily basis.

With statistics such as this it becomes obvious that there is a problem with how we treat and consume the water within the household. The switch to low flow faucets will benefit the environment by cutting back on our carbon foot print and create awareness within the community as well as the people we interact with.

Tips to Save Water In the Home

The approach that needs to be taken is that of being cognizant of your usage. Simply make a mental check every time you consume water and how long you let it run. This will give you a rough estimate on how much time and water you're wasting on a regular basis.

From here, make a habit to turn off the water immediately after usage and in between jobs. To use an example, when washing the dishes by hand simply turn the faucet off between each dish as this small amount of water can add up over time.

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