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Do you know where your main water shut off is?

We recently had a customer that had their house flooded with water because they could not find where the shut off for the main water for the house was. While at home a water line in the wall burst and began to quickly fill the basement with water. If they knew where the main water shut off was they could have quickly turned the water off and kept the damage to a minimum. Instead they scrambled around the house looking for it, could not find it and waited for our 24 hour emergency plumber to show up and after a little more searching they found it and turned the water off and made the repair.

3 tips to prevent this from happening to you

  1. Locate the main water shut off for your house.
  2. Label the valve with a tag denoting it as " Main Water Shut off "
  3. Write down the location in a list of emergency contacts or something similar.

We hope these tips will save you the aggravation and expense that our customer recently had to endure.