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What are the 3 Main Water Heater Regulations? And Why are They Important?

Vancouver commercial and residential water heaters are important in our everyday life. Therefore, we all have the constitutional responsibility of following the set regulations for everybody’s safety. In promoting both security and efficiency, many experts advocate these controls. As part of this ongoing effort below is the guide to water heater regulations and their corresponding significance.

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Set the Water Heater Thermostat above 120° F

When the temperatures of the water in the heater fall below 120° F, the condition provides a conducive environment for enabling unhealthy bacteria to grow inside the water heater. Bacteria such as Legionella (caused by Legionnaire's disease), produce in hot water systems with water at low temperatures. Water at low temperatures is not hot enough to kill such bacteria. Thus, consumer safety organizations give the regulation of setting the water heater thermostat at 120 degrees.

Installation of Carbon Monoxide Detector

Another important regulation for water heaters is the carbon monoxide detector installation. This control is very essential, not only to gas-fueled water heaters but also to every other water heater. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills around two hundred people every year with 10,0000 more left in hospitals for treatment.

The carbon monoxide detector helps in detecting the presence of this odorless, colorless gas that poses a potential hazard with combustion appliances. The slightest spark of this gas causes explosions. Therefore, when the detector signals an alarm, somebody should contact the gas company or fire department.

Have an Effective Sacrificial Anode

Perhaps the most ignored part of water heaters is the sacrificial anode. A sacrificial anode is an aluminum or magnesium rod that gets suspended inside the steel storage tank of the water heater. Over time, the sacrificial anode corrodes, but the steel cistern remains intact.

When the sacrificial anode is completely worn out, an electrochemical reaction occurs in the water heater tank. The electrochemical attack corrodes the tank and dissolves harmful metal elements in the water. The only solution to such a problem is purchasing a new water heater. Therefore, the sacrificial anode is of paramount importance. It sacrifices itself instead of the tank and without it, the electrochemical reaction would otherwise corrode the tank.

The importance of the regulations listed above cannot be understated. They not only make significant energy savings but also prevent diseases and poisoning to the Vancouver water consumers.

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