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Chemical Drain Cleaning Puts Your Family In Danger

Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions

Vancouver Drain CleaningDealing with a clogged drain may not be something you planned on doing today, but this is an issue that you do not want to leave for another day. Some clogs can block the pipe entirely, and this can make it impossible for you to use it until the clog is removed. Even a partial clog can be a burden, and partial clogs have a way of growing into a complete clog if they are not remedied quickly. Using a chemical drain cleaner is one method available for you to remove the clog, but there are important reasons why this is not the method that you should choose.

What Are the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Products?

Chemical drain cleaning products essentially are designed to break down the matter in the clog, and to accomplish this, they use very strong and harmful chemicals. These chemicals are not safe for humans, and you can read the product label on your chemical drain cleaner to verify this. The products can cause everything from eye and skin irritation to skin burns, blindness, stomach issues or much worse. These are not products that you want to come into contact with or to store in your home around kids and pets.

What Are Other Ways to Clear Clogs?

A safer and more effective way to clear a clog in your drain is to contact a plumber for assistance. A plumber will use a snake device to pull the matter up from the drain. Another option that a plumber may use is hydrojetting. With hydrojetting, the pipe will be flushed with pressurized water, and the water will wash the clog away. This method is effective at cleaning the entire interior of the pipe in the same way that pressure washing is used to clean the exterior of your home.

How Can You Prevent a Clog?

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Clogs can and will develop even when the best preventive measures are taken. However, there are some ways to minimize the likelihood of a clog developing. For example, you can use drain covers in your kitchen and bathroom. You can also set up periodic hydrojetting service to wash your pipes before clogs become noticeable.Taking care of your home's plumbing system is important, and clogs are just one of the many issues that you may run into from time to time. Contact a plumber for assistance with clog removal or other services that are needed in your home.

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