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Beautify Your Vancouver Home By Changing This One Room

5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

Whether you are selling your home or just tired of that dated kitchen, remodeling can transform the look quickly. The kitchen is the one location where everyone in the house often meets for meals, to talk, or just to hang out during parties.

These 5 kitchen remodeling ideas for your home will increase the value of the home and make it a more enjoyable place to gather with family and friends.

Vancouver Plumbing Remodeling Services1. The Kitchen Floor

Your Vancouver kitchen might have new cabinets or appliances, but if the floor is dated and old-looking, you are taking away from the appeal of the entire room.

Removing that dated linoleum floor and replacing with custom stone tiles can completely change the overall look of the area, and it comes with many benefits. In addition to the floor being easier to clean, you can customize the pattern and make it completely unique

2. The New Appliances

Old appliances can diminish the look of any kitchen. New appliances not only come with modern technology, they match more easily and allow you to function in that kitchen more efficiently.

Regardless the cost to purchase the new appliances, they will reduce energy consumption soon after installation and will easily pay for themselves in a few short years.

3. Large Kitchen Island

Installing a large kitchen island does more than transform the look of the kitchen. Yes, it will give the room a more elegant and professional feel to it, but it will remove all that clutter that is making your kitchen less than hospitable.

The island can house all the extra appliances and items piling up on the counters in the kitchen. You can remove pots and pans from cabinets to make more room and hang them from the ceiling above the island.

4. Deep Double Basin Sink

The deep basin sink allows you to work more easily when preparing meals that utilize large pots. The sink also allows you to take dirty dishes and store in the sink and off the counter, freeing up more room to entertain guests.

5. Marble Counter Top

The counter can make or break a kitchen, but it doesn't have to break the bank. There are many stone distributors who have odd pieces in mint condition left over from jobs that were no needed that would transform your kitchen area.

Replace that dated Formica counter tops with a stunning, durable, unique marble or granite piece.

Your kitchen is a central part of your family life, so make it beautiful. Call Lambert Home Comfort at (604) 734-0890 to transform the look of your Vancouver home with unique kitchen remodeling ideas.