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What Are Some Energy Saving Strategies For Your HVAC System?

Why Is The Electric Bill So High?

You may have been experiencing high electricity bills, especially when it’s summertime, and you have to turn on the AC or in the winter time when the heat must be turned on. It’s normal to expect your bill to climb during these periods, especially if your HVAC unit is regularly running. It may not just be the fact that your unit is on why your bill is getting so high; it’s possible that your unit is wasting energy, which can cost you more money. You can learn to preserve energy in your Vancouver home while running an HVAC unit, and you will ultimately save money as well.

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How You Can Save Energy With Your HVAC Unit

Saving money when using an HVAC unit is easy because all you have to do is to save energy. Everyone knows to keep the windows and doors closed when the HVAC unit is running, but what about the ducts in the home that may be releasing energy? This allows the home to cool when you’re trying to get it warm and to heat up when you’re trying to get a cool. Sealing up these ducts can be helpful to save you money on energy costs, especially if they are in locations that you may not focus on, such as the garage, the basement, the attic, or even a crawl space.

You should also consider installing an Energy Star HVAC unit if you’re current HVAC unit is over 10 years old. Any unit that’s too old is not going to be energy efficient enough, so updating the unit will be a great way to save energy. Make sure that if you choose to install a new HVAC unit that it’s installed properly, especially since a unit that isn’t installed properly can waste energy and not do its job.

Have Your Unit Maintained

Those who have a working unit with no problems will still want to make sure to maintain it every year. Make sure to have an Vancouver HVAC repair or maintenance person come out to check on the unit to make any necessary repairs or to simply maintain the unit by giving it a tune-up. Maintained units will last a lot longer than ones that are left without maintenance for years, which can then force you to have to replace the unit ahead of time.

If your Vancouver, BC HVAC unit needs some extra attention and you are trying to conserve energy do not hesitate to reach out to Lambert Plumbing & Heating, LTD at (604) 734-0890.