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Avoid a Costly Burst Pipe This Winter

3 Ways to Prevent a Burst Pipe

When outdoor temperatures drop below freezing, your thoughts may easily turn to the steps you need to take to protect your Vancouver property from damage. One of the biggest concerns during freezing weather relates to ruptured pipes.

Pipes burst when the water inside them freezes and expands, and this can create a messy, damaging problem that can cost homeowners a lot of money to repair. If you are aware that outdoor temperatures will drop below freezing soon, follow these tips to reduce the chance of having to deal with property damage on your property.

Vancouver, BC PlumberShut Your Garage Door

One step that many homeowners often do not consider is to keep the garage door closed when the temperature is freezing. When the garage door is open, the freezing temperatures seep into this space quickly, and this can affect the temperature in space between the garage walls where some of your pipes are. When you keep the garage closed, you will be taking a step to keep this area warmer.

Allow Your Faucets to Drip

Another thoughtful step to take is to allow the faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms to drip. When the faucets are turned off, the water in the pipes will not move, and standing water will freeze more easily than moving water.

When you turn the faucets on at a drip or a trickle, the extra movement of the water inside the pipes can minimize the chance of the pipes from freezing. Keep in mind that the faucets should remain turned on for the entire time the temperature outdoors is below freezing for the best results.

Remember Your Cabinet Doors

When you walk around your Vancouver home to turn your faucets on, open your cabinet doors as well. The air inside your cabinets may be significantly cooler than the rest of the room, and this will impact the pipes that are inside the cabinets as well as the pipes in the walls behind the cabinets. Opening the doors allows the air in them to warm up to room temperature, and this can reduce the chance of the water freezing.

Frozen pipes can be an inconvenience because it prevents you from using the plumbing features. More than that, it also means that the water in your pipes could cause a rupture. If you follow these steps, your pipes may be less likely to freeze. When you do discover a leak, however, contact a plumber for immediate repair service.

Avoid a costly pipe burst with these key tips! Call Lambert Plumbing Heating and Air at (604) 734-0890 for repairs in your Vancouver, BC home.