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5 Misconceptions Holding Your Home Back

5 Plumbing Myths Debunked

Vancouver PlumberMany of us occasionally need professional plumbing services at home. However, due to the prevalence of common stereotypes and myths, we hesitate to call a plumber until a water-related problem gets out of control. By then the damage is done, and the cost of a repair may be far higher than it would have been if we had called at the beginning. Here are a few myths that should be debunked

Plumbers are very expensive.

Although plumbers are professionally trained, licensed, and certified, they do not necessarily charge exorbitant fees. In fact, most charge a fair rate that the majority of households can afford. If you feel an estimate is too high, get another one for comparison.

Plumbing uses toxic products.

Although some plumbing companies use drain cleaners that may be abrasive, acidic, or corrosive, they are perfectly safe when used in accordance with industry standards. Ask the plumber before hiring for a job about the proposed products and tools. If you have concerns about a certain technique or toxic cleaner, there may be other options for fixing your problem. Just ask.

Plumbing problems can be fixed by the homeowner.

Although some basic plumbing issues may be repaired by the residents, like a stopped-up toilet or a slow-emptying sink, larger problems may require a more professional response. Plumbers are familiar with a typical home's entire plumbing system. They can not only fix a problem like a leaky pipe, but also determine what caused it and prevent the problem from recurring. A homeowner usually lacks that level of knowledge about the water pipes, drains, and fixtures.

Plumbers will leave a mess.

Vancouver Plumbing Myths

A professional plumbing company will take special care to be neat and clean when working in a person's house. Precautions such as protective paper footwear and careful placement of tools while collecting pipe residue will be also taken. No conscientious plumber will leave a mess behind. If something is amiss, call the company to have it addressed.

Plumbers can't be trusted.

Some people are suspicious about letting unknown company workers into their home. Due to being taken advantage of by unscrupulous companies previously, they may worry that a plumber will steal from their home or do a poor job in plumbing work. You can always call the Better Business Bureau before hiring a plumber to check the record.

Plumbers provide valuable services to keep our home water supply working smoothly.

Don't be fooled by plumbing myths! Call Lambert Home Comfort at 604-734-0890 for great advice and service in the Vancouver area.